Penggunaan Kaedah Dakwah Mau'izah al-Hasanah Terhadap Masyarakat Hijrah Gay, Biseksual dan Transgender (GBT): Tinjauan Awal





Mau’izah al-Hasanah, gay, biseksual, transgender


The success of a da'wah delivery sometimes results from various delivery methods that cannot be ignored such as al-hikmah, mau'izah hasanah, mujadalah al-husna, and qudwah al-hasana. Sayyid Qutb said the method of Mau'izah al-Hasanah is a method that applies a gentle way, delving into feelings sincerely without scolding, reproaches and insults. In fact, it can be said to be a gentle speech so that the listener is drawn to accept it. In the context of the gay migration community, they are men who have sexual tendencies only with men, while bisexuals are men who have sexual tendencies towards men who are also women, and transgenders are men who resemble women or also termed as mak nyah community. Their condition is recognized as a hijrah community by an authoritative body, usually they are determined with resignation and humility to improve themselves to a better life and leave their past life of immorality, the appropriate preaching method to be used is guidance and advice. Therefore, this study is descriptive in nature with a preliminary review of the appropriateness of using the method of preaching mau'izah al-hasanah in guiding the community.


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